Bounty Promotion Terms and Conditions

  • Sharp/NEC Reserves the right to modify promotion at any time
  • Reward dollars above are in addition to the 1% Bounty reward and call/meeting reward
  • Project must be registered within the promotion time period but does not have to close
  • Project must be approved per normal Bounty Program guidelines
  • If video wall project is a non-bundled video wall SKU, reseller must provide information/proof that the units are being used for a video wall installation

Bounty Program Terms and Conditions

  1. By enrolling in and using the Sharp/NEC Bounty Program, reseller or distributor agrees to opting in to receive Sharp/NEC communications.

  2. If target account is already registered in Integrate NEC as a protected opportunity or enrolled in any other appropriate program, Sharp/NEC reserves the right to deny request.

  3. If target account already has a RFQ assigned to it, Sharp/NEC reserves the right to deny request.

  4. End User target accounts registered via the Bounty Program do not necessarily guarantee protection, if pricing or protection is required, then opportunity must be registered via Integrate NEC.

  5. If a customer or reseller has only purchased NEC Projectors in the last 12 months and is now looking at LCD, (or vice versa), that would qualify as a bounty opportunity.

  6. If a customer has purchased one unit of a specific NEC model, and is now looking at other products or a larger scale roll out, that would qualify as a bounty opportunity.

  7. Please allow for up to 72 hours from approval of bounty target account to first joint Sharp/NEC sales call.

  8. Sales calls and meetings are NOT required to take advantage of the 1% commission.

  9. This program is valid for all NEC display products.

  10. This program is valid only for end-user and reseller accounts that have not been sold Sharp/NEC in at least 12 months.

  11. Reseller or distributor must enroll in the Bounty program.

  12. End-User or Reseller Sales Call must be approved, completed and attended by an Sharp NEC Display Solutions (SNDS) Sales Representative

  13. Limit one (1) sales call or meeting close deal payment per project.

  14. Bounty payment(s) for the sales calls will be paid at the time of occurrence (verified by SNDS Sales Team or Marketing).

  15. Bounty payment(s) for the Close Deal will be paid after complete delivery of products. Recipient must submit End-User Invoices as Proof of Sales. Please allow 2-3 weeks for payment.

  16. Sales Call and Close Deal Payment will be issued via Partner NET VISA Debit Card payable directly to individual. For accounts not able to participate in the Partner Net program, alternate payment arrangements will be made.

  17. Payment Structure*:
    * Earnings may be superseded by promotional incentives
    Deal Amount will be calculated based on reseller invoice to enduser (minus any special pricing discounts, rebates or meet competition discount) and compared against Distributor's Point of Sales reports.)  Sharp/NEC reserves the right to request additional back up for opportunities.

  18. In the case when more than one person has submitted a registration form for the same end-user, SNDS will reward the Bounty payment to the first person who has submitted the registration form based on the time stamp available on E-mail. When no such time stamp is available, SNDS will be the sole determinant of the person to receive the bounty payment. Such decision is considered final and non-negotiable.

  19. Incentive calculation will consider products you sold to your end-user or reseller customers. Proof of sales is required.

  20. SNDS is not responsible for lost, delayed or misdirected mail.

  21. SNDS reserves the rights to review the validity of your purchases from our participating distributors. Fraudulent submissions of multiple requests could result in federal prosecution under the US Mail Fraud Statures (18 USC. Section 1341 & 1342).

  22. SNDS reserves the rights to deny claims submitted without the appropriate claim form, serial number list and end-user invoices/receipts.

  23. Incentive payment(s) earned through participating in the program may be subject to tax liability. Any tax liability, including disclosure, connected with the receipt or use of points is the responsibility of participant. Participants must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws.